Saturday, March 25, 2017

Activity Comments Enabler

By default, we cannot add Activity Comment into related list in Salesforce Classic, user need to click the task or event to see the comment. If you are awesome admin, you think you can create formula field to copy Comment value, but Comment this field is not exist for formula field. Workflow with Field Update to update a custom text field will be the option. As Activity is split into 2 objects: Task and Event, you need to create one custom text field in 'Activity Custom Fields', then 2 workflows and 2 fields update (for each Task and Event).

But, there is a free app available in AppExchange called 'Activity Comments Enabler', you just need to install it and add a field called  'Summary Comment' to the related list.

Activity Comments Enabler gives you a summary of comments in activity history related lists (showing tasks & events) with no clicks at all.
  • Provides a short summary of the first 255 characters of comments on the activity record in any activity related list. Use for tasks and events.
  • Works in Professional Edition so that all users can see a summary of comments on their activity related lists, including both tasks and events.
  • Handles all tasks and events, including those created from integrations and other automation. Will display a summary of comments on all activity history related lists on any object.
  • Activity Comments Enabler allow your users to view a summary of comments in any activity related list on any object. 

This means your users can save valuable time by not having to click through into every task and event or use long printable views to read comments.

Once installed, this app will copy the first 255 characters of Comments into a custom Summary Comments field on any new or updated Tasks and Events. This custom field can then be displayed on related list page layouts. If the Task Type is 'Email', instead of copy the first 255 characters of Comments, it will show as 'Open Task to View Email'.

Type: Unmanaged Package; AppExchange

Paid/Free: free

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Version: 1.0.0

Blog last update: 25 March 2017