Sunday, January 29, 2017

Whitelist All IPs for Salesforce

Salesforce has a great security model for 2 factor authentication and trusted systems.  Sometimes, however, it can be onerous.

If you want to ensure that a user can access Salesforce without requiring a verification code or security token, you need to "whitelist" their IP on Setup => Security Controls => Network Access.

If you have a lot of IPs to whitelist, or you want to whitelist dynamic IPs, or you simply want to disregard this requirement altogether, enter this extension: Whitelist All IPs for Salesforce!

1) Enable this plugin
2) Navigate to Setup => Security Controls => Network Access in your Salesforce org (must be an Admin)
3) Click the Whitelist All IPs button
4) Wait!  There is a progress indicator, it can take 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on your connection.

Type: Google Chrome extension

Paid/Free: Free


Version: 0.0.1

Blog last update: 29 Jan 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017

Salesforce inspector

Productivity tools for Salesforce administrators and developers to inspect data and metadata directly from the Salesforce UI. Extension to add a metadata layout on top of the standard Salesforce UI to improve the productivity and joy of Salesforce configuration, development, and integration work.

What you get after this extension installed to your Chrome?

1. Side menu from record page
This is just below quick access menu

2. Search
In the 1st box, you can search name by entering:
- object name, or
- 3 characters prefix, or
- record Id

3. Show field metadata and Show all data
If you are on a record page, such as Account, Lead, or etc., open Salesforce inspector and you will see information for that record, from object name, object label, object prefix, record id, record type name, record creation date, and record last modified date. You will also see additional options: Show field metadata and Show all data.

Click Show field metadata, then hover over your mouse to a specific field to get the field metadata

Click Show all data will show you the data and metadata for that particular record in one screen: Field API Name, Label, Type, Help text, Description, and Value.

4. Data Export and Data Import
Click Data Export will give you the option to enter SOQL for data that you want to export from Salesforce, click "Export" button to get the result, and you can "copy" the result into clipboard in Excel, or CSV, or JSON format.

5. Download Metadata
This is very interesting as you can easily download metadata for analysis, without the needs to install the appexchange tools, such as Config Workbook. This is also much easier to download metadata compare to use Workbench.

This tool works in both Classic and Lightning.

Type: Google Chrome extension

Paid/Free: Free

PublisherSøren Krabbe


Version: 1.5

Blog last update: 4 Nov 2018

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

LogMachine help to analyze log efficiently

This plugin is for Salesforce debug log, it will help in analyzing the log efficiently by highlighting key important sections in the log and also giving help tips to avoid error.

Once installed to Chrome, nothing to configure, just navigate to your debug log and you will see colorful background color when open the log file.

Type: Google Chrome extension

Paid/Free: Free


Version: 1.1

Blog last update: 3 Jan 2017