Friday, November 17, 2017

Show Password

Chrome definitely is the most famous web browser at this moment, and if you are a Salesforce admin, consultant, or developer like me, you probably have many Salesforce login credential. Chrome is smart and makes our life easier by cache the password, so we do not need to remember it or using 3rd party tool to store it. But somehow, we can't see the password directly in the browser, example if we need to login using Data Loader or Salesforce mobile app.

1. From Setting Menu
As Chrome setting menu is keep changing by the versions, rather than to memory which menu should I go, just search with "password" from the settings menu, go to Settings and type "password", it would filter just menu related to password, then select "Manage passwords".

This will list down all username and the password (in masked) stored in Chrome, click Show password (eye icon) to see the password, Chrome will ask your Google password for security.

2. ShowPassword Chrome extension
As you may aware that Chrome has so many extension develop by people around the world, and most of them are free. There is an extension called ShowPassword built for the purpose to reveal the masked password in Google Chrome.

When this extension added to your Chrome, by default, you just need to hover your mouse over the masked password text for 0.5 seconds to reveal the password, or you also can change the way to reveal the masked password.

Type: Google Chrome extension

Paid/Free: Free




Version: 1.1.5

Blog last updated: 17 Nov 2017