Monday, October 29, 2018

Profile and Permission Set Helper

When you have a profile assigned to 1 or 2 users with different extra permission compare to other profile, it is a good chance to merge the profile and create a permission set for that 1 or 2 users.

Profile and Permission Set Helper from Salesforce Labs help admin to easily convert existing Profiles permissions in your org to Permission Sets. Within a few clicks, you can clone all Permissions from a certain Profile to Permission Sets, which are ready to be assigned to new users in no time!

Once the app installed, select Profile and Permission Set Helper app, there will be only 1 tab called Converter, then select the profile that you want to convert into Permission Set.

Notes: this app is only work in Lightning.

The conversion process is very fast, only a few seconds, and it will create a new Permission Set as you named it. The existing profile will still be there and not touch.

Now, you can assign the permission set as per normal to users, and delete the profile when required.

Type: Managed Package; AppExchange

Paid/Free: free

Publisher: Salesforce Labs


Version: 1.5

Blog last updated: 29 October 2018