Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Popup Alerts

Ever wonder if you able to display a popup alert when your Salesforce user open an Account or Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Cases? Salesforce by default do not have this feature, but with Popup Alerts by Riptide, as Salesforce admin, you can install Popup Alerts package from AppExchange for free.

Once installed, there are 2 main items you need to take care:

1. Alert Message text field
This is a text area field with length 255 characters. Message in the popup alert will come from this field.

2. Popup Alert S-Control
Although S-Control has been deprecated, but you still can use it.

You just need to add Popup Alert S-Control into the object page layout, while the Alert Message field do not really need to be show in page layout (unless necessary), or you can set it as read-only, so only partial user able to edit it. You also can populate the message to display using workflow, process builder or apex code.

Type: AppExchange (Managed Package)

Paid/Free: Free

Publisher: Riptide Software


Version: 1.3
Blog last updated: 23 Mar 2016

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