Thursday, March 10, 2016

Linkclump for Salesforce user

If you are a Salesforce user that always open multiple tabs, this Chrome extension will help you. Although Linkclump is not really designed just for Salesforce usage, but it will help us in reducing click. Let's say you would like to open 5 Accounts from List View, usually you need to hover your mouse over each Account Name, right click, and select "Open link in new tab".

With Linkclump, this will activity will be much faster:
1. Place your mouse around the 1st or last account name to open
2. Right click mouse and hold it
3. Drag over all accounts you want to open (in new tab)
4. Release it

If you notice there is a number at top left (or right bottom depend on the direction you drag your mouse), this number tell you how many links you are going to open, see "7" at screenshot below.

Once release, it will open that 7 accounts in the new tab.

Type: Google Chrome extension

Paid/Free: Free



Version: 2.7.3
Blog last updated: 10 Mar 2016

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