Thursday, August 17, 2017

Map Lead Source field on Lead object to Account Source field on Account object during Lead conversion

In this blog Lead Field Conversion Mapping written almost 4 years ago, we shared about standard fields mapping when a lead is converted to Account, Contact, and Opportunity.

By default, Lead Source is not mapped to Account Source, only to Contact and Opportunity, and you can't just simply configure the field mapping. You can follow this article by creating custom fields, configure the lead fields mapping, and workflow.

With this free managed package app "Lead Source Mapper" by CRM SuperStars, admin just needs to install the app, no extra fields and etc. need to be configured. When a lead is converted to new Account, the Account Source will be auto populated from Lead Source. If you convert the lead to existing Account and Account Source have value, it will not change. But if the existing Account Source is blank, the new value from Lead will update the Account Source.

Now, when you open Account or run a report from Accounts with Account Source, the Lead Source value from lead will be in Account.

 Type: Managed Package; AppExchange

Paid/Free: free

Publisher: CRM SuperStars


Version: 1.2

Blog last updated: 17 August 2017

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Quick ChangeSet & Navigator

We blog about Google Chrome extensions that can be used to help us when building Change Set: Salesforce Change Set Helper and Boostr for Salesforce, both of them are free.

Here is another free Google Chrome extension that can make our life easier when adding Change Set Components, it called "Quick ChangeSet & Navigator".

This extension help to add components into Change Set without having to load each page as well as navigating Component Type and paging in Salesforce.

Here is the simple step by step:
1. Create a new Change Set or open existing Change Set haven't upload
2. Click Add button, make sure you are in "Add to Change Set" page, otherwise, the tool will not work.
3. Click "Quick ChangeSet" icon from Google Chrome extension bar
4. Select the component by change filter and paging, this is pretty fast as the page not keep reload

Type: Google Chrome extension

Paid/Free: Free




Version: 1.0.2

Blog last updated: 2 Aug 2017