Thursday, February 18, 2016

Boostr for Salesforce

Boost your admin and developer productivity on with Boostr!
Current features include:
  • Change Set: ability to search when adding items to change set
  • Change Set: ability to filter by type when adding items to change set
  • Change Set: Show All link to show all items for selected type within one page
  • Field Set: displaying the API Name next to field names when editing a field set
  • Setup Search: preventing the placeholder text from filling in the setup area sidebar
  • Object/Field API Name: automatically remove the underscores in the Object/Field API Name when creating a new object or field.
  • Setup Area Check All: when editing settings in the setup area, this will add a checkbox to the header row cells if there is a checkbox in that column. This will allow checking and unchecking all checkboxes in that column.
  • Field History Tracking Counter: displays the total number of selected fields to track history for out of the total number Salesforce allows.

Some comparisons with and without Boostr:

without Boostr: no check all checkbox 

without Boostr

standard Change Set without Boostr

Change Set with Boostr enabled

standard Field Set

Field Set with Boostr

Field History Tracking Counter

When this extension enabled, you will notice below icon in your Google Chrome

Type: Google Chrome extension

Paid/Free: Free


Version: 0.1
Blog last updated: 22 Aug 2016

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