Wednesday, February 24, 2016 Enhanced Formula Editor

Enhances the formula editor text areas to have syntax highlighting, tabbing, parenthesis matching, and find and replace. When you visit a formula edit page it will automatically enhance the formula text area with the Edit Area code editor.

Editor Features Include:
- Line Numbering
- Search and Replace
- Full screen feature
- Undo and Redo
- Font size selection
- Syntax highlighting
- Tabbing (tab and shift-tab)
- Parenthesis matching
- No code wrapping

A new button is created named "Load Field Details" that loads details about the fields found in the formula. Field Details Include:
- Field type
- How many times it is used
- Formula field compile sizes
- Field edit links
- Field record values
- Field Sub Details (shown by clicking the expand arrow)
  - Object Name
  - Field Label
  - Field Help Text
  - For picklist fields, their picklist values
  - For formula fields, their formula

Formula fields found in the formula will load the enhanced editor for their own formulas, even providing the Load Field Details for themselves, which allows you to drill down through all formulas used in the parent formula.

When this extension enabled, you will notice below icon in your Google Chrome

Type: Google Chrome extension

Paid/Free: Free


Version: 1.4
Blog last updated: 28 Feb 2016

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