Friday, February 19, 2016 LOGINS

This extension manages login to your with 2-click only.

Whether you are Salesforce admin, consultant, developer, product manager, super user, Trailhead fans, you probably have multiple Salesforce org: Production, Sandbox, Developer Edition org, Pre-Release org. You may store your multiple Salesforce username and password somewhere, from: notepad, excel file, google docs, 1password, evernote, etc. You need to open the file, and tired manually entering username and password every time to access to the org.

With LOGINS extension, it will help you with only 2-clicks to access to particular org. This extension does things:
  • Keeps your login account information (username, password, security token, and description).
  • Login to Salesforce with new tab
  • Login to Salesforce with new window
  • Login to Salesforce with new incognito window
  • Grouping your account for easy management
  • Searches accounts by username to quickly access the account
  • Password encryption
  • Auto redirect to specific page upon successful login
  • Export and import stored information in XML format
Sync accounts only for paid version.

Please refer to for more and latest details.

Type: Google Chrome extention

Paid/Free: Free (paid to manage > 10 accounts and more functionalities)


Version: 2.5.8
Blog last updated: 20 Feb 2016

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