Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mass Update Contacts Address

With Process Builder, you can create a process to auto update all Contact Address when Account Address changed, but it do not give you option to manually run the process, unless you add custom field as parameter to mass update all Contact Address.

But with Mass Update Contacts 2.0 app from AppExchange, it allow your users to manually select an address from Account to update an address in Contact. You can use default button added when install the package called Mass Update Contacts, or create custom a button that call Visualforce page MUCPro.

Note: even this app is free, it limit you only to 100 users, and you need to assign your users with license, navigate to: SetupInstalled Packages, find the app and click Manage Licenses to add users able to use this app.

With custom button, user will always see the button, but will get no license error when user click it. While with standard button Mass Update Contacts, user without license will not see the button.

Select address from Account:

Select address in Contact:

Type: AppExchange (Managed Package)

Paid/Free: Free

Publisher: X-Squared On Demand


Version: 2.0.2

Blog last update: 12 Jun 2016

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