Monday, December 19, 2016

Limits Monitor

This app built by Salesforce for admin to see the limit from iOS device. Limits monitor gives you a clear view of your technical limits and get in front of potential issues. Limits Monitor provides real-time tracking and configurable notifications for your Salesforce instance from your phone. This app Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

As of now - version 1.3, we can monitor 23 limits, includes daily storage, API calls and events with hourly reports, dashboard refreshes, emails, and so on.

Here is the items you can check from the app:
1. Concurrent Asynchronous Report Runs
2. Concurrent Durable Streaming API Clients
3. Concurrent Streaming API Clients
4. Concurrent Synchronous Report Runs
5. Daily API Requests
6. Daily Asynchronous Apex Executes
7. Daily Bulk API Requests
8. Daily Durable Generic Streaming API Events
9. Daily Durable Streaming API Events
10. Daily Generic Streaming API Events
11. Daily Streaming API Events
12. Daily Workflow Emails
13. Data Storage
14. File Storage
15. Hourly Asynchronous Report Runs
16. Hourly Dashboard Refresh
17. Hourly Dashboard Result
18. Hourly Dashboard Status Requests
19. Hourly OData Callouts
20. Hourly Synchronous Report Runs
21. Hourly Time-Based Workflow
22. Mass Emails
23. Single Emails
24. Daily Bandwidth Limit**
25. Daily Request Time Limit**

** this last two items is available in version 1.2, but removed in version 1.3

Type: App Store / iOS

Paid/Free: free

Publisher: Salesforce


Version: 1.3

Blog last update: 21 December 2016

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