Tuesday, April 11, 2017

SuperTools from WalkMe

SuperTools from WalkMe is Google Extension add-on, so you do not need to install anything in your Salesforce org., or ask your admin to enable it for you.

At this moment, there are 2 main features come from SuperTools offered by WalkMe for free.

1. SuperEdit
Would it be cool when you can edit data directly in Salesforce report? With this tool, you can do this with ease. It works for Tabular and Summary report in Classic. As per standard Salesforce validation, it will only allow user to edit data they have access, otherwise, you will get an error.

Just install the Google Extension from the link in the reference below and you will see the magic.

Notice a pencil icon shown when you hover your mouse over a report open.

2. SuperSearch
Can't be denied that every Salesforce user should have use Search function, it's pretty cool when you can search any data from a single place. But, with SuperSearch from WalkMe, the search experience would be even powerful, let's see.

This is standard Salesforce global search, recent items you opened earlier will be shown in the search result before you click the Search button.

Compare with addition power from SuperSearch, it will search all records as you typing.

Watch the videos from WalkMe SuperTools site for more detail. But, if you don't like, simply delete the extension and nothing left behind in your Salesforce.

Type: Google Chrome extension

Paid/Free: Free

Publisher: WalkMe


Version: 1.6.22

Blog last update: 11 Apr 2017

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