Monday, September 11, 2017

Signature Capture for Salesforce Lightning

When you are migrated to Lightning, you know that you can add components into the Lightning page. At this moment (Spring '17 release), Salesforce provides less than 20 Standard components, such as: Chatter, Path, Report Chart, and etc. But you can add components by writing custom Lightning Component or install from AppExchange.

Signature Capture is a Lightning Component that allows signing via a browser or mobile device and stores the captured signature as a Salesforce attachment a Salesforce file
    - Capture customer sign off at the point of task completion
    - Record the signature against any object that supports attachments or files
    - Pure HTML5 - no additional libraries or browser add ons

Type: Managed Package; AppExchange, Lightning Component

Paid/Free: free

Publisher: BrightGen Ltd


Version: 1.18

Blog last updated: 10 September 2017

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