Thursday, August 11, 2022

Maven Tools for Salesforce

Another complete tool for Salesforce admin/developers. This extension is huge, if you are a Salesforce Inspector user, you will like this tool too. 

the Quick Access menu

Some of the features:

  1. Search users from the Quick Access menu, including inactive users (Salesforce Inspector does not support searching inactive users)
  2. Continue from (1) - Login As, open user detail, open role, open profile, reset Password, deactivate user, new user, add multiple users.
  3. The Quick Access menu will detect and show information based on the current page. On a record page, it will show the system info, from Id, Name, Created By, etc. On other pages, will default to search.
  4. Continue from (3) - Create New, Clone, Edit Object (does not go to the field tab as Salesforce DevTools, Edit Page Layout (does not tell which page layout is used for the current record)
  5. Query all fields from active record open into Query Editor
  6. Query Editor, support multi-tabs, auto complete (as in Salesforce Inspector), save query and open saved query, export result to CSV file, but not to update/insert record as Salesforce Inspector do.
  7. Record Data, show all fields: API Name, Label, Type, Value, etc.
  8. Object Details include export object details, fields, child relationships
  9. And more...

Tips: if you can't open the dashboard by clicking the icon in the Chrome extension toolbar (after restarting the browser or computer), try this link. The same applies to the Quick Access menu, you may need to restart the browser or computer.

Get it from here! The current version of this blog is written: 1.3.6 (3 May 2022).

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