Sunday, May 29, 2016

Metadata Search

This app from AppExchange should be one of the favorite app for Salesforce admin and developers, it help us to search for anything related to metadata in your Salesforce.

The Salesforce Global Search feature is primarily meant to search for data in standard objects and custom objects.

Then, Salesforce Setup Search (beta) able to search for following items:
  1. Approval Post Templates 
  2. Approval Processes 
  3. Assignment Rules 
  4. Compact Layouts 
  5. Custom Buttons or Links 
  6. Custom Home Pages 
  7. Duplicate Rules 
  8. Email Alerts 
  9. Email Templates 
  10. Field Updates 
  11. Fields 
  12. Groups and Queues 
  13. Home Page Components 
  14. Objects 
  15. Permission Sets 
  16. Profiles 
  17. Roles 
  18. Static Resources 
  19. Users 
  20. Workflow Outbound Messages 
  21. Workflow Rules 
  22. Workflow Tasks 

  • Only search with label name, not with API name
  • Not need to enter full name, example: search for "Monitor" will return "My Monitor" or "Monitor (%)"
  • Not to enter special characterexample: % ( ), search Monitor (%) will return no result, although Monitor (%) is the real label

With Metadata Search app (currently version 1.24), it search following items:
  1. Apex Classes
  2. Apex Triggers
  3. Approval Processes
  4. Apps
  5. Assignment Rules
  6. Business Processes
  7. Buttons and Links
  8. Components
  9. Custom Settings
  10. Dashboards **
  11. Email Templates
  12. Fields
  13. Objects
  14. Pages 
  15. Permission Sets
  16. Public Groups
  17. Profiles
  18. Queues
  19. Recent Items
  20. Record Types
  21. Reports **
  22. Roles
  23. Setup Audit Trials
  24. Sites
  25. Static Resources
  26. Validations Rules
  27. Workflow Email Alerts
  28. Workflow Field Updates
  29. Workflow Outbound Messages
  30. Workflow Rules
  31. Workflow Tasks
** this app currently do not search filter or fields in Report and Dashboard, only the name.

  • The searching process is slower compare to standard Setup Search.
  • You can use label name or API name to search
  • In order to be able to search Workflow/Validation Rules, the app need to connect to the Salesforce Tooling API. A Remote Site Setting must be created in your org before you can use this tool. Please create Remote Site Setting (Setup | Security Controls | Remote Site Settings) with Remote Site URL, example: or if you use custom domain

Type: AppExchange (Managed Package)

Paid/Free: Free

Version: 1.24

Blog last update: 29 May 2016

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